PDF | Solar car can be categorized as a 'green vehicle' which is powered by 15 + million members; + million publications; k+ research projects. PDF | 3 hours read | The Electric Solar Vehicle is a single-seated vehicle technology we aim to make solar energy powered car in our project. We hereby declare that this thesis titled “Solar Car” and the work presented in it and submitted to the Department of Electrical and . PROJECT OBJECTIVE.

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    Solar Car Project Pdf

    technology we aim to make solar energy powered car in our project. The main of the sun's energy and store it into the batteries of the solar car. Before that. Solar Car Presentation - Free download as Powerpoint Presentation .ppt), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides online. Download as PPT, PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd. Flag for . Project Synopsis Solar Car New. For this project, you will be using the electricity from solar panels to power a small car. Your challenge will be to build a solar car that travels as fast and straight.

    Parts of this article those related to American Solar Challenge from July 21—28, need to be updated. Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information. Two solar car races are the World Solar Challenge and the American Solar Challenge , overland road rally-style competitions contested by a variety of university and corporate teams. Speeds of the vehicles have steadily increased. So, for example, the high speeds of race participants led to the rules being changed for solar cars starting in the race and also. This race also changed rules for the most recent race due to teams reaching the regulated speed limits. The event attracts teams from around the world, but mostly from American high schools. The race was first held in

    Our vehicle is easy to handle and no fuel cost to the other existing vehicles. Regulations on exhaust emission from vehicle engines have been made progressively more and more stipend towards the year and beyond, Vehicle manufactures have been hence obliged to meet these standards by designing cleaner and fuel efficient engines and through provision for treatment of exhaust gases to satisfy the specified limits.

    So to satisfy and overcome these two problems namely Pollution and Efficiency Hence a need for a change in the existing alternative system which can produce higher efficiency at minimum cost was thought about an attempt has been made to design and fabricate such an alternative system.

    In order to achieve this saturation point we have to save and seek for some other source of power. This power, the alternate power must be much more convenient in availability and usage.

    The next important reason for the search of effective, unadulterated power are to save the surrounding environments, including men, machine and material of both the existing and the next forth generation of pollution, the cause for many harmful happenings and to reach the saturation point.

    The most talented power against the natural resource is supposed to be the electric and solar energies that best suit the automobiles. Frame sources so it is free from genetaing smoke and fumes unlike convetional motor vehicles.

    The electrical ratings of the solar The frame of the car is made by wood because it is lighter panel that has been used for this toy car are in the following than metal. This is a three wheeler car and its shape is table. Parameters Value Peak Power at Steering Voltage Vmp A collar is welded with the Current Imp 0.

    Then the steering is welded upon it.

    Open Circuit Voltage Voc It Maximum Series Fuse 2A is shown in figure 6. Steering arrangement 2.


    Switch Board There is a series connection among motor, battery and The following figure 8 shows the decreasing rate of the battery switch which is shown in figure 7.

    But this charge connected to positive wire of battery Negative wire of decreasing rate is comparatively low. Graph showing the state of charge with different load VI. Connection of motor and battery with switch Since it is a playing thing for children, maximum effort has been given for making the car as simple as possible.

    This toy V. As the solar panel is very heavy, so the batteries are charged Rechargeable alkaline battery popularly known as one separately and then attach it in the car frame to connect with types of secondary battery is used for solar car for its lowest motor.

    Different views of the car are shown in figure 9 and cost rechargeable cells, a long shelf life and for moderate- figure Their cycle life is less than other secondary batteries, but having powerful cells with the added benefit of re-use after recharging.

    Solar Car Project Report | Battery (Electricity) | Electricity Generation

    They can be reused 25 times or more, so to economical to the consumer. They give longer life per charge, hold power in storage and work far better than the old fashioned NiCd rechargeable batteries [13]. These packs can be charged properly for a dedicated charger have no memory problems, up to a seven-year shelf life and having lifetimes three times longer than a fully charged nickel cadmium rechargeable battery [13]. Absence of necessity to be fully drained before recharge and moderate to low current consumption, rechargeable alkaline batteries are taken as the Figure.

    Side view of the car best economical choice for this proposed solar toy car. Moreover they lack toxic ingredients, so friendly to environment.

    Storage capacity of batteries also has a relation with varying load on car. State of charge of batteries with different load for 30 minutes run has shown in the following table 2.

    The table represents when load increases, charge of batteries decreases with a slow rate. This relation can be shown graphically in figure 8. Top view of the car VII. Drag force waxes with speed during the car runs, for slower speed, where air drag on car can be assumed at minimum but frictional force is increasingly large. The system is capable is capable to overcome all obstacle forces.

    Cost Analysis B. The making cost of each car is BDT So he has to invest BDT 1, 20, initially. Average profit of per month C. Power required subtracting different costs such as workers salary, house rent From the equation 4 , the required power can calculate etc is BDT Performance evaluation The velocity of car depends upon weight on the car.

    Cash flow diagram 1. For the velocity control, PID control Present worth after 8 month is scheme can be used [14]. Markvart, K. Kaluzhniy N. Petersburg, , Russia. Narender Reddy, Dr P. Thick plastic or other lighter material can be used to Aerodynamic Drag of Heavy Duty Truck, International Journal of make the car as lighter as possible.

    Kachadourian, C. Orth and D. Inskeep , Stiffness and Friction of the motor, sometimes it creates problem during turning. Imran Khan. Also power fabrication of an automated solar boat. Of course, when the car is not in motion, all the energy from the solar may is stored in the batteries.

    There is also a way to get back some of the energy used to propel the car. When the car is being slowed down, instead of using the normal mechanical brakes, the motor is turned into a generator and energy flows backwards through the motor controller and into the batteries for storage. This is known as regenerative braking. The amount of energy returned to the batteries is small, but every bit helps.

    It can be used places where, fuel based vehicles are banned due to production of pollution and noise. Solar cells or photovoltaics collect the energy from the sun and converts it into usable electrical energy. They are made from silicon by joining an n-type and a p-type silicon semiconductor, creating an electron rich and an electron poor layer. When sunlight strikes the cell, photons cause atoms of the semiconductor to free electrons, leaving behind positive charges.

    The flow of electrons thus created constitutes an electromotive force that drives the current to charge a battery or power a motor. The cell's positive contact is on the bottom while the negative contact, or bus bar, is located on the top of the cell.

    Remote Controlled Solar Vehicle

    Each cell produces approximately. Connecting the cells in series, i. Parallel connections, i. Therefore, connecting the cells in various series and parallel configurations produces modules of different voltages and currents. To put the limitations of a solar car in perspective, a simple calculation will suffice. This term can be thought of as the amount of sunlight that reaches a sunny area on cloudless, summer day around noon.


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