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Автор: Robb J., Книга: Thankless in Death, Жанр: триллер, Издание: г. Nora Roberts published her first novel using the pseudonym J.D. Robb in Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Apart from references to such things as advanced Thankless in Death (In Death, Book 37) - Kindle edition by J. D. Robb. Romance Kindle eBooks @ Thankless in Death (In Death, Book 37) and millions of other books are available for instant access. Thankless in Death Mass Market Paperback – March 4, In this thriller in the #1 New York Times bestselling In Death series, Lieutenant Eve Dallas discovers that deep hatred.

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Thankless In Death Jd Robb Pdf

Get Instant Access to Thankless In Death x By J D Robb #dfc2f5 EBOOK EPUB KINDLE. PDF. Read Download Online Thankless In. Thankless in Death book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. In the latest suspense thriller in the #1 New York Times best. thankless in death paperback release date pdf download - thankless in death site, see more like this thankless in death by jd robb (english) mass market.

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Playing next. Download Thankless in Death by J. He looked at his hands, covered with her blood, at the wild spatters of it on the walls. An artist, he mused. Maybe he should be an artist. Murder doesn't stop for Thanksgiving. Soon Jerald is working his way through anyone who has ever thwarted him in his path to an easy life.

While a frustrated Eve struggles to consider all the potential victims, Jerald stays one terrifying step ahead. As the holiday begins, Eve is desperately focussed on identifying which victim will be next on Jerald's list. For You Explore. All recent searches will be deleted. Cancel Remove.

Thankless in Death

Playing next 0: She has come to love them dearly. We know the sick psycho bastard that is doing the killings from the beginning so it was the chase to catch him that had me once again flipping pages like crazy. The murders were more gruesome than the last book and the chase got a bit crazy.

I loved it. I also loved an additional thread that was weaved into this story. Eve brought a few more tears to my eyes and so did Roarke. Then Eve had to go and be all romantic one night too.

Which I may add is so not Eve. But here in lies the beauty of who she is. Who they are. View all 14 comments. I particularly enjoyed that the killer is revealed in the first chapter. As usual, Eve is amazing in her ability to get inside the mind the bad guy, but this is a tough case for her to crack. Side note: Roarke, Peabody, Feeney, and Commander Whitney are back again. I only wish some of the other secondary characters were integrated into the plot more. I missed the bickering between Summerset and Eve.

Even the colorful, brilliant McNab makes only the briefest of appearances. The pace towards the end really picks up as the anticipation increases.

The epilogue left me teary and happy. If you enjoy grizzly murders and suspense, with many touching and humorous moments, I recommend this one. Recommended for fans of: Romantic suspense Mysteries Revenge stories View all 8 comments. Sep 19, Jen rated it it was ok. It feels sacrilegious giving JD Robb two stars. I love her work. I love the world she has built and her cast of characters.

I am emotionally invested. However, this book, like the few before it have stopped being JD Robb books. Oh, I don't doubt Nora Roberts wrote them. They are distinctly her style and words. However, they are not her heart and passion anymore. These books used to be exciting mysteries with fascinating character play.

Now, they are cardboard plots with an occasional glimpse int It feels sacrilegious giving JD Robb two stars. Now, they are cardboard plots with an occasional glimpse into the stagnant characters' lives. I feel like I am reading a clinical book or an outline of a plot. The majority of the last dozen villains were interchangeable. The same villain, motive, identity just with a different name. I couldn't give it one star. I love the series too much. I think Nora Roberts does as well, which is why she won't touch the happily ever after she created for even the most minor of characters.

I love her work and will keep downloading them, but I no longer expect to be impressed. Truthfully, I think she needs a break from the series for a few months she's cranking out two or three a year , and then needs to come back and be willing to challenge the characters - both with murder and with upheaval in their lives.

I want a Roarke too: View 2 comments. Sep 18, Lady Lioness rated it really liked it Shelves: This is different from previous In Death books because the identity of the Big Bad is revealed right away. Therefore, as a reader, you know things that Dallas and Peabody don't.

I mean, I work in a public service industry. How many sociopaths have I bumped into and not known it? There were a couple of scenes involving a dog and I was flat-out terrified the Big Bad was going to d This is different from previous In Death books because the identity of the Big Bad is revealed right away.

There were a couple of scenes involving a dog and I was flat-out terrified the Big Bad was going to do something to the dog. That's one of the warning signs, isn't it? Torturing household pets and killing small animals? He lives and gets quickly adopted into a new family.

It's one of those rare In Death books that manages to successfully balance the mystery with the character development.

Robb also finally addresses a series plot point that had kinda been left hanging since the early days. There's a novella being released in Mirror, Mirror on September 24th and another novel, Concealed in Death , set for February , but, in a way, Thankless in Death felt like an ending to me. I don't know if Robb is planning on setting something in motion with Concealed , but everything was tied up and so touching I teared up twice , I would've been perfectly content if this had been the last book in the series.

Actually, now that I think about it, I'm a little worried about what Concealed might bring I wasn't really lost as the events of Calculated Delusion are mentioned only briefly although if you haven't read it, you will be spoiled to the identity of that book's Big Bad , but I would have preferred the events be fresher in my mind. Overall, I think this is a great addition to the series and long-time fans are sure to enjoy it.

It would probably work as a stand-alone, given the transparency of the mystery, but you won't get the satisfaction of the emotional payoff. View all 5 comments. Sep 01, Mei rated it it was amazing Shelves: Sep 16, Ann Lou rated it really liked it. We know the identity of the killer from the first chapter. And we get to read a lot from the killer's POV. It wasn't a pleasant experience being in is head.

He is full of rage and his mind is twisted. Eve receiving the medal of honor and Roarke receiving a medal as well was amazing. Eve was offered a promotion and she turned it down. I get her reason for saying no. And I need to walk into the bullpen every day and see the team I've helped make working to do the same We know the identity of the killer from the first chapter.

And I need to walk into the bullpen every day and see the team I've helped make working to do the same. I am sure Eve will accept the offer then. And my favorite in this installment is when Nixie from Survivor in death gave Eve a present.

The message made me teary eyed. It was a sweet moment especially for Eve: View all 7 comments. Sep 18, Diane rated it it was amazing. What a devious serial killer - the kind you love to hate! Very good story line, lots of characters - new and revisited - so much going on - good and bad. Loved having Roarke's family all together and bringing characters back from the past - great touch. So very much involved in this book - from killings to awards to more killings to a great feast!

Two thumbs up J. Would I recommend this book? Of course. You would think that after all this time and after so many books that this series would get old. Yeah you would think it but thankfully that aint the case! They just keep getting better. Our Eve and Roarke are in a rhythm that makes them the IT couple that they are.

The chemistry between these two keeps getting better and better. They have hit a groove that makes me a bit nervous to be honest. The case is a good one. I like a little crazy psychopath in my mystery thrillers. Being in the killers head was a bit different and we spent a lot of time there in Thankless in Death.

No real mystery to solve for the reader. It is more like following parallel storylines.

Book: Thankless in Death

I liked it very much. On to our faithful crew! Pink cowboy boot wearing Peabody is her sassy self. She makes me smile anytime I see her name on the page. Mira is simply perfection. Baxter and the guys sporting sunglasses had me laughing out loud. Oh and the Irish clan visiting the America s for the Thanksgiving holiday.

J. D. Robb

They are a welcomed addition to this family. Well, unless you are talking about the drooling members then Eve may have to stun you. I have said it before and I will say it again. Reading the latest In Death book is like coming home for the weekend. You get a warm feeling of familiarity and love from these characters. These characters are people that genuinely care for each other and have built a camaraderie that is unmatched in my opinion to any other series.

The murder was beyond gruesome,with absolutely no motive or suspense. We kind of know who the bad guy is almost whole of the book. Plus all our favorite chracters play very small roles in this one,may it be Nadine.. Peabody or even Eve's mom uhum This re 2.

This read would have definatly scored a bit lower on the rating scale. Not on of the best reads. Here's hoping the next one is. Eve and Roarke fans, fans of kickbutt heroines.

Fans of Eve and Roarke will enjoy this installment. Everything you like about the books is there. The villain is a particularly nasty piece of work. Reviewed for Affaire de Coeur Magazine in the September issue.

Mar 16, Anne OK rated it really liked it Shelves: Although I'm always so excited to travel into the future with our beloved Eve and Roarke, along with the merry group of support cast, this one wasn't one of my favorites. Too much time spent inside the head of a spineless and whiny killer that was almost to the point of boredom. I've never used the word "boredom" when relating to an installment in the In Death series! Hoping this will be the last time.

Thankfully, it does have enough extra special additives that save the day! An emotional T Although I'm always so excited to travel into the future with our beloved Eve and Roarke, along with the merry group of support cast, this one wasn't one of my favorites.

An emotional Thanksgiving dinner including Roarke's family and the young girl that lost her family from an earlier book sparked emotions and emphasized the personal qualities I have so enjoyed in this series. So yes, may not be my favorite - but still worth the read as I look forward to the next trip into the future. Jerry Reinhold is an ungrateful bastard.

He takes for granted any help his parents, friends and girlfriend send him. But in his eyes, he sees himself as untouchable. Larger than life. When he stabs his mother for pissing him off the first time, a sense of fulfilment and triumph comes from it. So it does it again and again. Then Jerry lies in wait for over six hou Jerry Reinhold is an ungrateful bastard. Then Jerry lies in wait for over six hours for his father to come to beat him bloody with a bat.

For Jerry, he is free. No one is telling him that he is worthless anymore. And now, with the world at his fingertips, he has the resources to make all those people in his life pay dearly for hurting him in the past. Robb is an expert at writing police procedural stories, but sometimes, the same routine can get a little old.

There are also a few career milestones that our favorite heroine, Eve Dallas accomplishes. In true Eve Dallas nature, she tends shy away from all the attention. Yet through this series, you knew this was coming.

You know how hard she had worked and now she finally has something to prove her worth. As much passion and as much determination Eve has to close all her cases, she does it simply because no one else can. She wants to punish those bad guys who hurt people. And her promise to Nixie will always ring true for her. The scenes with Roarke are sporadic at best. But when he does make an appearance, it is always a good one. I just love reading from his POV. You get a sense of how deeply he cares for Eve.

It will take you by surprise by its power and emotion. Could you ever expect less from J. Of course, no In Death review of mine would be complete without my customary Roarke picture. Here you go, ladies. First read October 16, and again November 24, My Take Oh, god. This was just nasty — the main villain, that is. And totally reflects the quote from Shakespeare: Comfortable enough with her answer on that promotion.

Comfortable enough to try something new per the Marriage Rules Oh, yes, I can just see the memo now: Pink is banned in Homicide! I keep trying to feel sorry for Joe.

Where were they? We barely see Dr.

The whole Roarke family is over from Ireland and we only get a blip or three of them? Mavis appears over on the sidelines — if you stand on tiptoe, you might see her. We got a bit of the fun of the squad room with the tie battle, but where were Baxter and Trueheart? Jenkinson gets the most facetime, well, his tie does. The banter with Peabody was largely missing — except for the pink comments at the start.

Feeney got more time than McNab, and that wasn't much. And I kept hoping for some fun at the Thanksgiving dinner I enjoyed Nixie's prayer But I was expecting repartee, conversation, a meeting and conversing among friends.

J D ROBB (Nora Roberts) DARK IN DEATH Unabridged CD *NEW* FAST Ship - $ | PicClick

The moments with Roarke were few and lacked that warmth I've come to expect between them. They're becoming an old married couple. Ya know, if J. The Story A spoiled, selfish, snot of a man runs amuck when his parents keep nagging at him about getting a job. Something within him snaps, some brake on impulse, and he goes after those whom he feels done him wrong. At least not with the idea of all those people showing up, wanting to spend time with Dallas. Summerset is their major-domo, I guess.

Galahad is their cat. Callendar is one of his. Baxter and Trueheart are partners, then there's Sanchez , Jenkinson who starts off the ugly tie contest, and Carmichael who also falls into the tie-off. Commander Jack Whitney has a few things to say to Dallas.

Mira is the police psychiatrist and profiler. Dick Berenski is the chief lab tech; Harp is the expert on hair and fiber; Birdman is new and knows his sharps; Kyung is still not a jerk, even if he is the PR man for the police; and, Tibble is still chief of police.

Officer Cardininni once walked a beat with Peabody. Officer Stanski is in Fraud and Financial Crimes. Guests at the Eve and Roarke Thanksgiving dinner table include: A little girl anxious to see Dallas again. Charles Monroe , the sex expert, and his pretty wife, Dr. Louise , are also coming. Sean is her grandson. Uncle Paddy cheats at soccer and Aunt Maureen is horrible.

Keela is the newest baby.

Jerry is a good-for-nothing layabout who thinks the world owes him a living. Lori Nuccio is the now ex-girlfriend who booted him out her door. Getting beat on will do that to a girl. Farnsworth has retired as the high school computer teacher and is much loved by her dog, Snuffy , and neighbors like X as in Xavier Paque and Brad and Margot Peters.

Marianna is his wife, and their kids, Flynn and Sari , are in town for Thanksgiving. Anton Trevor is a new client for Joe, and he seems to be rolling in it.

Frustration built as another body was discovered. The usual kick-ass Dallas had me smiling, laughing and sympathising all the way. I love the blend of dry humour with the crime, the mystery and the murder! Robb does it so well! I love this series and highly recommend it as usual! Jan 10, Jonetta rated it it was amazing Shelves: Eve is up against one of the nastiest and vicious killers we've seen, happening right before Thanksgiving.

She and Roarke are hosting his Irish relatives along with many of their friends and surrogate family members and Eve doesn't want the case to interfere with their holiday experience. This ranks as one of the best In Death stories, period. It transitions from Eve's point of view to the killer's throughout, adding a creepy and sinister element.

The procedural aspects weren't overwhelming or de Eve is up against one of the nastiest and vicious killers we've seen, happening right before Thanksgiving. The procedural aspects weren't overwhelming or dense as they sometimes can be and I was on the edge of my seat as the killer continued to elude Eve's efforts to capture him. This combined with the personal aspects affecting Eve's life, including her career, made for an exciting and highly interesting addition to the series.

There's something of substance for all fans of the In Death books. Well done. Mar 01, Obsidian rated it it was amazing Shelves: Gerald Reinhold wakes one day and kills his mother and father. From there it's a race against time for Eve and the rest of the police department to track him down before he strikes again.

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We do get some welcome levity with Eve and Roarke in response to Roarke's family from Ireland coming in for a visit for the Thanksgiving holiday. This really is the first "In Death" novel that shows Eve and Roarke celebrating that holiday and we get a welcome look into New York at that time of year We al Gerald Reinhold wakes one day and kills his mother and father.


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